allow me to re-introduce myself.

listen, i’m a normal dude. i’m entering my 5th year of college, i love wings, and i juul far too much. i’m a common man for the common man. oh, and i don’t like to capitalize letters.

i am starting this site to enlighten the people. to show what can come of a free man with an uncensored blog. if you’re politically correct this isn’t the site for you. if you’re an intellectual, this isn’t the site for you. BUT, if you’re a person who wants a short escape from reality and wants to be entertained by some words on the internet, god damn you are in the right spot.

the first blog i ever published on the internet was for barstool sports. i covered villanova for them during march madness 2 years ago, but it’s been downhill ever since. i then took my talents to, which is kind of like lebron taking his talents to the G-league, but hey, people don’t always get what they want. i wrote for TFM for 8 months, but as of last week they are only posting content that revolves around fraternities (go figure) and that’s when i knew i was out.

life is a bitch. you find yourself in situations that you never thought could happen. kind of like how i am going to be an accountant, yet the only thing i want to do is blog. it’s bizarre.

anyway, this site is going to be uncensored, unsponsored, and unethical. the published blogs from this site will stem from the cesspool that we call “the internet”  and all posts will come straight from the dome.  there will be no bullshit, no beating around the bush, and no political talk.

i’m going to talk gambling, sports, pop culture, and anything else that comes to my brain. my hope is that this blog will distract you from the real world. whether you’re stuck in an office, class, or just straight bored, i want to keep you entertained.

this is, not not true.

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