allow me to re-introduce myself.

listen, i'm a normal dude. i'm entering my 5th year of college, i love wings, and i juul far too much. i'm a common man for the common man. oh, and i don't like to capitalize letters. i am starting this site to enlighten the people. to show what can come of a free man... Continue Reading →

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old people and technology

technology is fucking dope. the things we can do today couldn't be imagined 50 years ago, let alone 30 years ago. sure, at that time we thought we'd have flying cars and robots as butlers, but it doesn't look like those things will come along for another 15ish years. i mean, right now we only... Continue Reading →

going back to the gym sucks

going back to the gym after taking a long 4-6 months off sucks. i've gotten lazy. over the past months my life has consisted of fortnite, juul, uber eats, wine, and summer classes. i've had the time to go to the gym, but it just never happened because i was always too "busy". now, i... Continue Reading →

Must Watch TV Show

I watch a lot of tv and there is one show that has been doing it at the same level of greatness year after year that gets no love. Yeah I am talking about Jeopardy. Why should you love Jeopardy? To start, if you are an intellectual like myself, nothing helps blood rush to your... Continue Reading →

Don’t give up faith

Johnny's first game as an official player for the Canadian football league clearly didn't go  as planned. I don't have to point out the obvious, but he threw enough picks to make it to the top of the list for interceptions thrown in a Canadian league game. he couldn't even rush for more than 5... Continue Reading →

35 Days We Can Do This

Sundays haven't been the same for a long time now. There’s nothing like waking up, getting ready to have a sunday funday and watching your NFL team play, and here’s a little story to prove why we need this fun back in our life so badly. I woke up around 11:50 on a sunday morning... Continue Reading →

There Should Be A Mercy Rule In MLB

A short day ago, I found myself in an outdoor New Jersey bar, drinking cheap beer and watching America's favorite pastime. All seemed well in the Major League Baseball world as the Yankees held a nice lead in a win over the Orioles (I know they lost today though, so shut the fuck up). Then,... Continue Reading →

Fuck Urban Meyer

You know what is worse than a rapist? A women beater. You know what is worse than a women beater? Someone who enables a women beater. Fuck Urban Meyer, you god damn mayonnaise monkey looking mother fucker. I know all of the facts have yet to come out and the politically correct thing to do... Continue Reading →

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